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Qualified time served Electrician, holds UK
(city and guilds certs, and is JiB Approved Electrician, Holds Australian Queensland electrical mechanics licence), offers professional Quality Electrical installation work, lighting, power, i offer installation of off-grid solar power supply systems, house wiring, Electrical faults-repairs.
Alarms / camera surveillance systems, Im Available for small and large jobs.
"Dont use unqualified cheapo cowboys to do electrical work! Electricity is dangerous, it can kill, or burn your house down".
You want electrical work properly carried out, installed to highest standard, that will operate for years to come without problems. To IEE standards.
I can also assist you with buying the best high quality solar systems, batterys, panels, wind generators etc, from the best supplier in spain and installing your solar electric and solar water heating system. Off grid or standard home.


Email: bigwest99@icloud.com
Qualified Electrician / UK JiB Approved