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Saint Andrew’s Society

Doug McAdam, the Chieftain of the Saint Andrew’s Society of the Algarve handed over the artistic materials to Dr Eduarda Santos, the Director of NECI (the Montinhos da Luz- based institution for the education of pupils with special needs).

Although NECI was recently featured in an article about their project to build residential quarters alongside their present building, they still remain firmly focused on the current needs of their pupils. When approached by the Saint Andrew’s Society for ideas of how they could help, NECI immediately identified a desperate need for artistic materials as these play a major role in helping their pupils. So with the help of art teacher Lila the Society managed to source the vast array of materials shown in the photo.

The articles donated mainly comprise canvasses of different sizes, but also acrylic paints and paint brushes but also pens and pencils for specific use by the pupils. It was Dr Eduarda who suggested that the pupils would appreciate the Society’s gesture even more if a photo could be taken with them to record the handover. According to Doug McAdam, “It was a joy to observe how engrossed and happy all the pupils were carrying out the various projects assigned to them”.

If anyone would like to know more about the Society or its activities please call Kathy Prentice on 919 635 246 or Doug McAdam on 282 687 688.

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