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And the winner is...?

David Martins GuerreiroAlmancil International Rotary Club members recently attended a school year awards ceremony for pupils attending Escola EB 2/3 Dr Antonio de Sousa Agostinho in Almancil. The ceremony held at the beautiful Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Fátima in Almancil, courtesy of Padre George, was attended by proud parents and AIRC members.

School year awards ceremony for pupils attending Escola EB 2/3 Dr Antonio de Sousa Agostinho in Almancil. After a brief introduction by Prof. Maria Rosário Militão, two students, Cristina Moroz and Orlando Fortunato conducted the whole proceedings.

AIRC has for many years supported the school with the introduction of a cookery competition for the catering students, horse riding and surfing lessons for the autistic children and, most recently dog therapy. Two years ago as an extra incentive to the students, AIRC President Clare Busbridge decided the club should award a prize to the pupil who had been most outstanding in overcoming personal or educational difficulties in the year.

For the year 2017/18 the prize was awarded to David Martins Guerreiro. Recommended by his teachers, David was shown to have a calm temperament and proved to be an interested, extremely committed and hardworking young man who overcame the difficulties he encountered in learning and whose attitude showed a personality with strong moral values throughout his school career, maintaining a posture of concentration and attention that allowed him to achieve an excellent school performance.

This is an award I was very proud to present” said current AIRC President Brian Giles. “Our members believe that supporting our local community, especially our young people brings its own rewards. David is an example of not only a hard working young man but is also a credit to his school and the staff who teach him.