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It never rains in Southern California

It never rains in Southern CaliforniaNo rain but a bit chilly for the ASB November ride through the hills around Salir starting in Paderne.
The ride was well attended and with so many bikers it was decided by organisers Steve Wills and David Shirley to split the riders into two groups.

Those with the smaller capacity bikes led by David taking a slightly shorter and less challenging route through the hills around Salir. The other group of riders following Steve on a longer route in the same area via Malhao.

Both routes visiting California (north of Salir, not USA). Steve's route turned out to be longer than anticipated when his expensive Sat Nav system failed. He is thinking of taking it back to Algoz market and demanding a refund of the two euros. However, all was well and as planned both parties arrived back south to the lunch venue Restaurant O Foral near Tunes where Carlos and his staff provided one of the best meals this year.

Steve was assisted by Alain Balouzet and David by Ken Blunt riding at the tail of the respective groups.

We now look forward to the last we event of this year which will be the annual charity lunch at the Fatacil restaurant in Lagoa on Friday 14th December to which all are invited including members, friends and families.

Photos by David Shirley and David Ashcroft.

It never rains in Southern California


0 #1 Linda 2018-12-07 08:17
Please advise exactly where California is please would love to visit. Thank you