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St. Patrick's Society Putting Competition 2019

St. Patrick's Society Putting Competition 2019On Friday the 8th February, 40 members and guests of the St.Patrick's Society of the Algarve, gathered at Balaia golf village in Albufeira for the Society's annual putting competition.
This year three players finished the course with the same score of 35 strokes each.

The winner, Dinah Campion, receives the Helen Cafolla Trophy from the Society's chairman, Damien Clarke.After further highly sophisticated calculations involving the back 9 and the back 6, Dinah Campion was declared the winner of the Helen Cafolla Trophy, with Bernard O Reilly the runner-up, at the expense of a barely consolable Joe Goodwin!

However,the putting was followed by an excellent lunch where the wine flowed,and Joe's spirits soon revived.

The St.Patrick's society hosts several events,including walks ,lunches,etc. throughout the year, and welcome new members and volunteers.

Anybody interested in joining can contact membership secretary Teresa Ferreira at membership.st.patricks.algarve@gmail.com.


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