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The Rotary Club of Albufeira welcomes new Fellows

THE ROTARY CLUB OF ALBUFEIRA WELCOMES NEW FELLOWSAt the Rotary Club of Albufeira a very special companionship meeting took place on August 6, 2020, welcoming 4 new Fellows.

The President of the R.C.ALBUFEIRA said, "It is with great pride and pleasure that I see the Rotary family grow, as a Rotarian, as well as a human being and also as  President of the Rotary Club of Albufeira."

The Rotary movement deserves hearty congratulations, in particular the Rotary Club of Albufeira, which sees its membership increased, with:

Fellow Silva Cunha (Lawyer and University Professor)

Fellow Sérgio Brito (Lawyer)

Fellow Gunnar Andersson (Swedish businessman, now resident in Portugal)

Fellow Orlando Portela ( Lawyer)

All with a strong connection to charities  by serving the community!

RC Albufeira President, Jorge Azevedo, emphasised, "we are people of action focused on action!" 

With this coming fellows the club has increased its membership from 8 to 12 , a number that will be expect to rise during this Rotarian year.

The Club has several ongoing projects, with a strong connection to the municipality, such as the distribution of community masks, with the ROTARY logo, a possibility of creating an Interactive club, for younger people, through a local school, plus the extension of the attribution of helmets to the Volunteer Firefighters of Albufeira, as well as projects to support the institutions in order to help combat the harmful effects of the impact of the Coronavirus on our society.

The Fellow Governor Roberto Carvalho attended with Rita Freitas and the Fellow District Secretary, Jorge Lucas Coelho.

Also present was the Past-Governor Fellow, Abílio Lopes and the Assistant Governor of Group 21, Fellow Isabel Lopes, as well as several colleagues from the host club, including Protocol Director and Treasurer Ana Vieira, and Secretary Cristina Lamy, as well as other visitors.

On a night studded with surprises, was the inauguration of the Gallery of Presidents by the Governor of the District Fellow Roberto Carvalho and the Mayor of Albufeira Dr. José Carlos Rolo, who was twice President of the Rotary Club of Albufeira, and also Paul Harris Fellow.


The event enjoyed the physical and virtual presence of several Clubs, Fellows  and friends, including: Rotary Clube de Cascais Estoril, Rotary Clube de Portimão, Rotary Clube de Tavira; Rotary Club of Faro; R. C. Warlow, United Kingdom; Rotary Club of Odivelas; Rotary Club of Amarante, Rotary Club of Almada, as well as the Presence of District Secretary Jorge Lucas Coelho, Dr. Paulo Carochas from Macau,  Fellow Gunnar Andersson directly from Sweden, and also a friend and photographer Alberto Cortez.

The face-to-face meeting complied with all the norms of social clearance and hygiene, as well public health regulations.  The platform digital tool Zoom was also used.

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