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Latest News From the Rotary Club Albufeira

LATEST NEWS FROM THE ROTARY CLUB ALBUFEIRALatest news from the Rotary Club of Albufeira regarding University Scholarships to young people in need, also the Official Visit of Governor Roberto Carvalho to the Rotary Club of Albufeira on October 16, as a initiative promoted together by Rotary Club of Albufeira and Nucleo de Direito do  Algarve, as well as the initiative of the Rotary Club on October 24,  the world day for the fight against polio.

A) The Rotary Club of Albufeira in September, the month rotary dedicates to basic education and literacy projects, launched a university scholarship program  to young people in need. Through a careful selection process, which consisted of a rigorous process, based on a f documentary analysis, as well in  direct interviews with candidates, 3  of 5 were assigned. The remaining 2 will be awarded with the support of the Portuguese Rotary Foundation and the Albufeira City Council. The scholarships are awarded in view of the excellence, merit, economic and financial situation of the students.  A short video was made, for  social networks, based on the testimony of those who have already participated , enjoyed and concluded with merit the  University Course, in which Rotary in general, and the Rotary Club of Albufeira have  participated in a decisive way.

B) Regarding the official visit of Governor Roberto Carvalho to the Rotary Club of Albufeira: The visit has been started at the Rotary Landmark, near the entrance of Albufeira, with all its symbolism,. Once in the  Municipality of Albufeira,  we were received by The President Dr. José Carlos Rolo.

Secondplace visited was the Fire Department,on the presence of its Commander Abel Zua.

Then we were received by the Provedora Dra Patricia Seromenho,  accompanied by the Vice Provedora  and the head of the Ttresourorie.

The  meetings were guided by the exchange of experiences, Speaking about social action, highlighting their needs.  At the end we had the institutional gifts,. Finally we had our working meeting, at our head quarters , speaking about  problems, challenges and opportunities.

We closed the official visit with a dinner at the Jardim e Sabores Restaurant, with 4 Presidents of different Rotary Clubs as well as 3 Assistant Governors, in addition to Partners and Friends, in strict compliance with the rules imposed by D. G. de Saúde.

C) On October 8, a joint action was taken, of solidarity, between the Algarve Law Center and the Rotary Club of Albufeira. This was a donation action aimed at supporting children of St Thomas and Principe in poverty.
Donations consisted of food assistance, school supplies and clothing.

D) The Rotary Club of Albufeira is developing awareness-raising action, saying to the community to call for the value-added number, 760 30 2013, 1 call= 1 vaccine = 1 life.

We have done a symbolic run on 24 October, international day due to combat polio, through the streets of Albufeira. Initiatives that take place all over the world, in the Rotary sphere.

The vaccine has already allowed, worldwide, to immunize more than 2.5 billion children.
Several testimonies were collected from the community, including the Algarve Law Center, and António Manuel Ribeiro, lead singer of uhf, with a strong awareness via social networks.
Polio is a highly infectious disease, which mainly affects children under five years of age, and is also commonly known as infantile paralysis.
Rotary and its partners, including  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, and the World Health Organization (WHO), have been leading the work of eradicating global polio for more than 30 years, underpleading the PolioPlus initiative, which was the first to embrace the eradication of polio by large-scale polio vaccination.
So far, the Rotary movement has given more than €2 billion and countless hours of work to protect more than 2.5 billion children in 122 countries from polio through its members. In addition, Rotary has worked over the past few years with governments in several countries, raising nearly 50 billion euros to invest in Fighting and Eradicating Polio.

Being almost eradicated, it still needs vaccination campaigns to combat outbreaks, which can lead to serious setbacks. That's why the Rotary Club of Albufeira continues with this awareness campaign.

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