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Life Drawing sessions weekly, in Olhão and Paderne

Life Drawing sessions weekly, in OlhãoDrawing the nude. What an honour. How many of us have dared to look and look at a standing naked human being and attempted to interpret our experience in charcoal or paint on paper?
Though ostensibly a sensual, visual experience in the first place, studying the human body and being through drawing soon evolves to become an intellectual and philosophical meditation, developing through minute observations and subtle impulse.

For courageous beginners and artists, new members are made very welcome at these weekly sessions in Paderne and Olhão.

LIFE DRAWING, Thursdays, Casa Da Juventude in OlhãoOne becomes thoroughly engaged in this most fascinating of processes:  the eyes absorb, the mind synthesizes, the heart feels, the hand touches life onto the page, the superficial life stress dissolves in contemplation.....    You are very welcome to come and join us in a new group starting in Paderne on Monday mornings and in Olhão on Thursdays.

Guidance is given to those who request it.

What is the essential character of this pose?
What are the relationships between these shapes and forms?
How do we open the hidden pathway from our vision, through our feeling to our mark making fingers?
How is accuracy related to expression?  

These questions and more we explore through our drawing.

Please mail jill.stott@gmail.com for more info and to reserve a place, or if you would like to model for us.