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Hear it here first....

Ray and Kate van DuijvenbodeHearing aid specialists Audiocare have now opened in larger brighter new premises in Guia.

Husband and wife team Ray and Kate have been offering hearing solutions in the Algarve since 2007. Kate is a Certified Audiologist and Ray is an Audioprotesist.

Limited hearing can hinder interaction, prejudice communication, and isolate sufferers, creating a void between those affected and the full enjoyment of their everyday life.
Ray said: “We believe that the most important thing is to assess exactly what our clients’ needs are and to have a thorough understanding of the hearing problems they face in their daily life. Only then it is possible to find the best solution for each individual. Hearing aids have a very important role in people’s social lives. To be able to communicate, you have to be able to hear. That’s why we understand the importance of choosing the right hearing aid for every client’s personal needs”.

Ray continued: “Service is also fundamental. Hearing aids will periodically need servicing and cleaning or adjustments may need to be made. We can do this, usually whilst clients relax with us and enjoy a coffee”.

The new Audiocare premises in Guia

Audiocare offers a free initial consultation, as well as in-depth examinations and a well-informed selection process, working with you to decide which is the best solution and equipment for you. After this has been established, a free, two week trial period is given to the patients to adapt to their new systems. Close observation and regular appointments at the hearing centre will accompany this trial period allowing any necessary adjustments to be made, ensuring the best possible comfort and optimum efficiency.

Audiocare work with the most advanced brands on the market combining high-end technology, aesthetics and discretion – and at the best market prices.

They also produce our own ear moulds on site and make specialised ear plugs for water protection, noise, sleeping, motorcyclists and musicians.

For further information please contact Ray and Kate van Duijvenbode at:

AudiocareW: www.audiocare.pt
E: info@audiocare.pt
T: 00351 289 561 158 | 00351 966 211 557 | 00351 961 431 894
Address: Rua 1º de Maio Edifício Magnólia, Fracção A Loja R/C Esq, 8200-438, Guia

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