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Times When We Need A Little Extra Help

Home Nursing & Healthcare Service Life can send unexpected events our way as we all know. We all strive to look after ourselves, to keep fit and healthy as far as we can, but when we experience unforeseen changes in our health we may need some extra help with our care, recovery and recuperation. Very often we have the opportunity to plan things and the health service, together with the support of partners, family and friends can look after all our needs.

But sometimes extra help is required to provide the care at home that is needed, especially when events are unexpected or when family and friends need that extra bit of support as well.

Recovery from an operation or an injury means you may need additional nursing care at home or some support with personal care until you are back to full health. Many people can be looked after by their partner and family at home but sometimes additional professional care is also needed, or for those living alone professional help is more essential.

We all hope that everyone can love later life and enjoy their retirement doing the things they’ve always planned. Ageing is also be challenging and it brings changes in our own abilities to manage at home and look after ourselves. There are some simple things that can keep us enjoying day to day life and make things easier and safer as we get older. There are many products that can help.

Difficulties with getting upstairs and managing steps is an expected change as we get older so installing additional railings and grab handles can help to make things safer, or perhaps consider a stair lift. A small step to help you up into the shower can make a difference too, as well as a plastic stool or chair so you can sit rather than stand when you shower. There are many mobility aids too, to support and steady you in getting around the house that make life easier.

And considering the needs of those who are carers is also important. We sometimes forget the strain and stress that caring for someone can create and the effect this can have. Providing a break for carers (also known as respite care) is important, as well as some personal support as well if desired.

We can help with home nursing and health care support for all of these circumstances.

If you would like to find out more contact us on 00351 282 798 013 or info@hibiscus-madrugada.com.

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