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SHS Solar Solutions now in a new location!

SHS SolutionsLooking for SHS SOLAR SOLUTIONS ?! We now have our new location opposite the GNR on Almancil.

For all your Solar Power, Infrared Heating and Battery Backup  needs.

SHS introduces a great new product that is revolutionary: THERMO-DYNAMICS

For years it was a great invention but too expensive, now it is almost the same price as solar boiler systems.

How does it work?
Unlike Solar water systems that need the heat of the sun (winter and mornings EDP often still needed) Thermo-Dynamic panels convert the outside air to heat the tank.


- only 400-500w/h power used, unlike electric boiler (2,5Kw/h), Solar Boilers (3,5Kw/h) or more with gas and oil.
- Works even with clouds and at night !
- Can be put in shade areas and flat (no ugly monster in your roof !)
- Very attractive payback times (unlike Solar boilers with 8-10 years !)
- 10 year warranty on the panels, 5 year on the boilers

Visit our www.shs-pt.com for more information, and to read regular news updates to keep you informed about the latest sustainable and renewable developments.

T: 932 650 496
E: info@shs-pt.com

SHS Solar Solutions


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