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Best-Ever Christmas Market for Rotary E-Club Porches International

Best-Ever Christmas Market for Rotary E-Club Porches InternationalRotary e-Club Porches International is pleased to announce that, with the support of Tourism Algarve and the Lagoa Câmara, we held a sold-out Christmas Market on November 19 & 20th at the Centre de Arade in Ferragudo. There were more than 100 vendors and together we raised nearly € 6000 to support local projects, including the LAR S. José in Ferragudo. We were pleased to welcome many new vendors.

Thousands of residents and tourists came out to shop from local vendors, to meet with friends and to support the fund-raising efforts of Rotary e-Club Porches. In addition to the many quality vendors offering a wide range of merchandise, E-club Porches members worked tirelessly to sell beer, cider and glühwein and to run a very popular tombola. Terroir Wine Shop and Kitchen in Carvoeiro and Asiana Caterers provided wonderful Portuguese and Asian cuisine so that shoppers were kept well fed as they selected their purchases.

Although it is not possible to know the exact number of shoppers, José Parreiro, manager of the Centro de Congressos Arade, estimated that 2000 – 3000 members of the public attended each day.

The club is hoping to receive sponsorship from Turismo do Algarve – Algarve and the Lagoa Câmara again next year so that even more funds can be raised for regional charities.

For more information about Rotary E-club Porches and its activities, contact office@rotaryporches.com.

Best-Ever Christmas Market for Rotary E-Club Porches International

Photo courtesy of Dave and Alyson Sheldrakehttps://algarveblog.net/2016/11/19/christmas-market-rotary-algarve/