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The Algarveans latest donation to charity

Steve Dackombe, Jan Sheppeard (both from The Algarveans) and Liliana (Castelo de Sonhos).The Algarveans Experimental Theatre were in touch with Castelo dos Sonhos (Silves) as they wanted to help the charity by buying items that were needed by the less fortunate in the community.

In late June this year, €533 was spent on items for babies such as dried milk, bottle, dummies, baby wipes, creams, nappies and many other associated items.

Steve Dackombe, Jan Sheppeard (both from The Algarveans) and Liliana (Castelo de Sonhos).Created in 1999, Castelo dos Sonhos is a non-profit charity helping the community in Silves. The charity has a food bank which is distributed monthly, they support children at risk along with helping the elderly and much more besides.

For more information on the charity visit the website www.castelodesonhos.pt

The Algarveans are now rehearsing for their next production, Kindertransport, which is opening on November 22 at the Lagoa Auditorium.

If anyone would like to join the group looking to help backstage, with costumes, front of house or just to meet new people and join in the social side of the group don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information contact algarveanspress@gmail.com or ring 919 198 840.