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Father Christmas Comes To Estoi Casa do Povo

Father Christmas Comes To Estoi Casa Do PovoOn the 14th of December, Father Christmas paid an early visit to the Casa do Povo in Estoi. Since 2006 a new van has been on the wish list of Estoi Casa do Povo and Santa Claus and the Rotary Club of Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) were able to make this wish come true. 14500 euros had been raised over the years with help from the American Association of Portuguese Emigrants and the 231 citizens from Benemerito. There was still a shortfall of around 14.000 euros.

After a number of applications over the years to Faro Camera they finally agreed this year to give 10.000 euros to the project and RCEPI working together with the Wolf Valley Charity stepped in to provide the final 4000 euros required and we arranged for Pai Natal to deliver it.

Father Christmas went into the Casa do Povo to distribute presentsThe 9 seater Ford Transit van will be used in Estoi to collect the monthly food packs from Faro Food Bank and to transport people around the area. Once again the Rotary Club of Estoi Palace International is delighted to work with other charities and community organisations to purchase something that will have such a positive impact on the local community in Estoi.

After delivering the van, Father Christmas went into the Casa do Povo to distribute presents provided by RCEPI to the children of the families registered with the Food Bank. RC Estoi Palace International provides 450 litres of milk monthly to supplement the food packs from the Banco Alimentar.

Santa Claus returned to the Casa do Povo on Sunday the 17th for the annual Christmas party for the underprivileged in the village. Santa and Mrs Claus distributed chocolate coins and presents to the children, provided by RCEPI.
Estoi Rotary Club also provided food and drink for this festive occasion and Mrs Claus was on hand to amuse the children with face and nail painting, a very good time was had by all.

For further information on Rotary Club Estoi Palace International contact moc@rotaryestoipalace.org, www.rotaryestoipalace.org.