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Cash Crisis at Goldra

GoldraThe horror that has engulfed the Sanctuary for the past few weeks has taken its toll in many ways. Currently, only two of the pups affected by the outbreak of Hepatitis C have survived (see below). There is, as you can well imagine, and air of sadness, not to say devastation, permeating the place, with the puppy pens empty. The more immediate issue, as I predicted last time, is that of the cost of the epidemic. The total vet bill for treating the dogs and pups affected is around €8000.

There is in addition a necessary move to have all the dogs vaccinated, and a separate fund has been established to achieve this within the shortest possible time. Elsewhere in this edition is a note from Jan, including a list of those wonderful people who have already made contributions towards these needs. The latest information is that we have around 30% of the money for the treatment costs, and €1100 towards the vaccination programme. We obviously need much more, but this is a great start, and tremendously encouraging. Please do whatever you can to help us get through this period of crisis. Thank you.

Here is Jan´s message:

I am honoured to be supported by such kind and generous people. Thank you all so very much.
Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help us in our time of need. I will post more information early next week but I must say thank you for the donations we have received to date.
So in no special order:
Karen Lippett and Helping Paws
Mairi Robertson
June Lidsey
Dorinda Luz
Craig Dixon
Deborah Humphreys
Helen and Paul Horton
Philip Eves
Caroline Cares
Margaret Harris
Catherine Lang
Ann Best
Anna Cliff
Mairi Donaldson
Bridget Phillips

Freya We still have a long way to go but these donations have made a big difference and boosted me in times of great sadness. We still have 2 pups here who are fighting for survival and we are doing everything possible to help them.
If you wish to make a donation our details are:

PayPal : donations@thegoldradogsanctuary.com
Or see our bank details at the end of this article.

Funding Success

In the light of everything above, it is very good to note that we had our most successful ever day at the Spring Fair in Sao Bras yesterday. The bricabrac stall raised over €400, selling everything from coolboxes with integral radio to a box of tennis balls. Thanks to all who helped, either through donations or on the day, and to all who bought an amazing variety of ´stuff´.

Upcoming Events

The next fund-raising event is this coming weekend, 11th and 12th May. This is an animal foodbank collection taking place in Continente Stores. We need volunteers to hand out leaflets and collect donations from the public at the Modelo/Continente store in Loule (opposite MacDonald´s) at the following times:

Saturday evening, 6 - 9.30 ; Sunday morning 8.30 - 1 ; Sunday evening 6 - 9.30

If you can help, please get in touch with Jan.

The next Goldra lunch will take place on Saturday 26th May (Please note the change from the original date) at Restaurant Don Camillo near Almancil. The menu for this is shown below. Please book with Mairi if you would like to be there, remembering to give her your choice of main course and dessert.

FloydSanctuary News

Just two pictures for you this time, of the two surviving pups. Floyd and Freya are back from the vet, but are not out of the woods by any means, and we must all keep our fingers crossed that they make a full recovery. 

Thanks to Marilyn Dalgleish and June Lidsey for food donations this time.

We have been introduced to a new product by Naomi Lewis of magnetico.energetix. These .magnets attach to pets existing collars, they can help with arthritis, back pain, hip displaysia, following surgery and for general well-being. I always have them in stock here in Algarve or easy to buy online with free delivery to other countries. 
Thanks to Naomi who gave Jan two versions of the magnets for animals with problems. Here is what they look like. magnetico.energetix

Donations to Goldra


Donations made via PayPal - donations@thegoldradogsanctuary.com
or via bank account

Novo Banco - Loulé
NIB 0007 0000 00146241469 23

Contact Details

Please try to direct your message to the person below most likely to be able to give you what you are looking for:

General : info@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Adoptions and admissions:  Jan Henderson….918 895 791, jan@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Events and fundraising: Sue Ward, sue@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Dog sponsorship: Helen Williams, helen@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Volunteers and events: Mairi Robertson, mairi@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Newsletter: David Littlewood, david@thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Website: http//:www.thegoldradogsanctuary.com

Facebook Page: Goldra Dog Sanctuary Canigoldra