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7th Armação de Pêra Santa Parade

7th Armação de Pêra Santa ParadeLast Saturday, 1st December, 2018, nearly 200 Santas took part in the seventh Armação de Pêra Santa Parade,  organised by the Junta de Freguesia de Armação de Pêra,  BTT Algarve Maniacs, Urban Gym and the Holiday Inn Algarve. The event was in aid of the Espaço Amigos Armação de Pêra who provide food for local families in need.

Urban Gym provided warm up excercises The Santa Parade then began through the streets of Armação de Pêra and it was quite a sight to see so many Santas setting off on their walk together.

Thank you everyone - the participants, those who came to watch, for  the donations (boxes full of food and almost 120 Euros) for the Espaço Amigos, the sponsors:   The Junta da Freguesia de Armação de Pêra,   BTT Algarve Maniacs, Urban Gym, Dave Sheldrake Photographers, Apexa, Gomial and the Holiday Inn Algarve. 

See more photos HERE.

7th Armação de Pêra Santa Parade

Photo by Dave Sheldrake

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