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Charity Festive Swims 2018/19

Charity Festive Swims 2018/19The annual charity event to swim or paddle in the Atlantic Ocean has, this year, so far, raised over 1600 Euros for children in care. A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who took part, to BlueXperience for participating on paddles on Christmas Day, the teams of Volunteers collecting donations, those who watched, the media for the publicity, Diogo Correia and Alberto Cortez for their superb photografic coverage of the events and to everyone who donated so generously.

The weather was perfect for both of the events, one on Christmas day, and the second on New Year's day. Although on Christmas Day, we had to be careful of the rocks and on New Years Day the waves were at some points very high!!!!

The funds raised will be divided between A Gaivota, Santa Casa in Albufeira and Espaço Amigos in Armação de Pêra.

Great excitement was added by the TV crews - Portuguese channels - Sic, TVI and CMTV on Christmas day.

Photos: Diogo Correia - http://facebook.com/diogo10

Charity Festive Swims 2018/19


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