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Rotarians & Friends Raise Funds For Alerta

Visiting Canadian Rotarian presenting €200 to Alerta President, Debby Burton.Seventy happy wine lovers packed the garrafeira of Restaurant Veneza on Wednesday 28th, February, to learn about the wines of Quinta do Quetzal, enjoy Veneza’s delightful food and raise funds to help registered association Associaçao Alerta de Incendio Florestal (known as Alerta in English). Organised by the Rotarian Wine Appreciation Fellowship, Rotarians were joined by representative of Alerta, members of WineMine Club and a large group of friends of Luís and Ana Cardoso who came from Lagos in a coach!

General Manager Reto Jorg presented his delicious wines, together with assistance from staff from the distributor Emprodable in Loulé. It was an amazing group effort, with Reto, Garrafeira Veneza and a member of the public challenging those present to purchase bottles of the wines on offer so that a total per bottle of €1.00 would be added to the amount raised. Following a rousing raffle for bottles of the premium wine, visiting Canadian Rotarian Robert Morrow stepped forward to offer a € 200 contribution from his Rotary Club in Ontario, Canada. 

With a few additional donations, the total raised rose to €2.100, an amount that will purchase 6 uniforms for bombeiros in the Algarve.

A word about Alerta

The association was formed to provide accurate information to the public via their Facebook page during the time of wildfires and to support the bombeiros who are fighting fires on the front lines. As funds allow, needed uniforms and equipment are also provided. If you would like more information and/or to request a presentation about Alerta to your civic or social group, contact bombeirosalgarve@gmail.com