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AIRC extend the Festive Season for those in need

AIRC Extend the Festive Season for those in needThanks to the generosity of local charities, local children and the elderly receive small gifts at Christmas that they generally wouldn’t have due to various circumstances.  Bearing this in mind Almancil International Rotary Club decided to wait until a couple of weeks after Christmas to present parishioners associated with the Igreja de Nossa Senhora de Fátima de Almancil with some (almost) festive treats. 

Instead of a celebration Christmas dinner, Club members thought it more appropriate to use the last dinner meeting of 2019 to raise funds to purchase various items for the parishioners.  The dinner was held at the Conrad Hotel with entertainment provided free of charge by Professor Larisa Shumskaya and her wonderful dance troupe, Julie Hammond and Band on the Run.  The room was beautifully decorated by Sul Flor.

Pre-dinner entertainment was supplied by none other than Wesley Seme who reached the semi-final of The Voice Portugal singing some opera favourites.  A total of €1,840 was raised, enabling the club to purchase more than 70 parcels.

AIRC members with the gift parcels

W: http://www.rotaryalmancil.org


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