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A Shout Out For Help From Animal Rescue Association, APAA

SHOUT OUT FOR HELP FROM ANIMAL RESCUE ASSOCIATION, APAAAs you know, APAA does not have a rescue centre, but that doesn’t stop people contacting us when they have found an abandoned dog, often in poor condition. 

 So what do we do if the person who found it can’t keep it?  We board it at PetPark, hopefully only temporarily, whilst we try to find someone who will adopt it.  

We are charged a nominal rate by Caroline, the owner of PetPark, but when added to the cost of spaying/neutering (if necessary), vaccinations and other regular treatments such as worm and flea prevention, together with any other necessary veterinary treatments, each dog can cost APAA over €1,000 per annum.

So, do you like dogs but are unable to have one for some reason?  Would you consider helping us reduce our monthly spend by sponsoring one or more of the following dogs and making a regular monthly payment directly to PetPark?  It isn’t necessary to cover the full monthly cost - any regular amount would be greatly appreciated.  Or, if you don’t want the hassle of a monthly payment, what about an annual payment?

Nina was put into PetPark a few years ago.  On three occasions we thought that we had found a home for her, but unfortunately it didn’t work out and she was returned each time.  We are now doubtful that we will be able to rehome her, but she is happy enough at PetPark.  However, as she is only seven years old, she could be there for many years.

Sara’s owner died and there was no family member left who could take care of her.  She is a very sweet older dog and would be suitable for an older person as she doesn’t need that much exercise, but so far we have had no luck finding a new owner for her.  She has been at PetPark for approximately one year.

So, would you consider sponsoring one or more of these two lovable dogs?  We can provide photos should you wish to see these before choosing one, and, of course, should you choose one particular dog which subsequently finds a home, we would contact you so that you could either stop the regular payment or switch to another dog.  (Even though we don’t want to take in any others, we feel sure that that is pure wishful thinking!)

For further information on how to proceed with this, please contact us – Jenny 919 041 903 or Jackie 912 651 819.


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