A Home To Call My Own - Can I Share Yours?

A HOME TO CALL MY OWN - CAN I SHARE YOURS?This week Tareco and Maria are looking for the fur-ever homes. They are both neutered, fit and healthy.... and beautiful!

tarecoHello there! I´m Tareco. It´s a generic name for a cat, like 'Kitty´ or  'Pussycat´. Noticed my eyes? Pure amber. And my coat is full and super silky. But I´m not just a pretty face.

Even though I´m an adult, I still love to play. Sometimes I make a big noise to attract attention and get someone to throw a ball for me. Then I run, jump, and catch it. Just like a dog. Only better, because I´m a magnificent ginger cat!

I´m a neutered male. Well, of course. All pure ginger cats are male.  But you knew that, didn´t you? I used to live in a house but my owner had to leave me. I've been at the ADAPO cat shelter for 2 years. I get on alright with the other cats, but I´d really like someone to play with me more, because I get bored. If you let some more love in your life and adopt me, ADAPO will take care of the chip and tests to make sure I have a healthy life with you. If you adopt me, you can call me what you like!´

mariaHi, I´m Maria. This is the name they gave me when I was found abandoned near the Cruz Vermelha in the "Panteras" area of Olhão, some months ago.

Seriously, I´m desperate to leave the ADAPO* cat shelter simply because I don´t like other cats. And they know it! Some of them bully me, they chase me and treat me badly because I have a stumpy tail.

But maybe it´s because they are jealous, because I´m gorgeous, with a silky coat, and what´s more, I´m very affectionate.

I´ve been neutered, chipped, and vaccinated against rabies. Now I´m looking for someone to take me home.

If you´d like to know more about either cats, you can email bigodesolhao@gmail.com, or visit our Facebook page to leave a message.

See more info on ADAPO and the cats available for adoption on the ADAPO Facebook page. 

*ADAPO, or Associação pela Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão, is a local non-profit group established in 2004 by Célia Caravela. 

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