Food Delivery For Families In Need

FOOD DELIVERY FOR FAMILIES IN NEEDRotary Club Estoi Palace International has helped the local Estoi School, Escola Básica Poeta Emiliano da Costa in many ways over the years. Annually, Portuguese/English dictionaries are provided for Year 5 students, career talks are given, and much need equipment has been purchased for them.

One of the Club’s honorary members is a teacher at the school and it was brought to her attention that 15 families who had children attending the school were not able to provide food for them. The parents had lost their jobs due to Covid and were unable to access Government support.  The teachers themselves had clubbed together to buy food for the pupils and they asked for our help. 

We responded with a large online shop, delivered to the school, for the teachers to distribute to the families. Hopefully, the families can get ongoing support from the Faro Food Bank (Banco Alimentar) until their situation improves. 

The pandemic has had devastating consequences, not just on people’s health but on their ability to survive on a day to day basis, as jobs are lost and minimal support is available in many cases. For parents not being able to feed their children is one of their worst nightmares. RCEPIs mission is to help the local community and we welcomed the opportunity to do so.

For further information visit our website or email moc@rotaryestoipalace.org

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