Cats for Adoption: the Boys from Tavira

CATS FOR ADOPTION: THE BOYS FROM TAVIRAThis week we have a BOGOF offer with the Boys from Tavira!

CATS FOR ADOPTION: THE BOYS FROM TAVIRA"Hi there! We are two brothers, almost identical. I say 'almost', because when we arrived at the ADAPO cat shelter, I had a single white whisker on the left, among all the black, while my brother had the same, but on the right. So, we ended up with the names 'Bigodes' or Whiskers, Left and Right.

I ask you, isn't it time we had new homes and new names?

It's true we were street cats, rescued in Tavira, but we're quite friendly now. Well, to tell the truth, I'm more friendly than my brother, Right. I like to wrap myself around your legs, looking for attention. I can charm for both of us!

We're always together, we walk around together, exchanging caresses, and we'd quite like to continue like this. Could you find space for a pair of book-ends? We're about 2 years old, long, lean and elegant, and playful. We're neutered and chipped and have had anti-rabies vaccinations. You can see more of us on the ADAPO Facebook page (in Portuguese and English) which features all the cats in our shelter, or email bigodesolhao@gmail.com"

*ADAPO, or Associação pela Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão, is a local non-profit group established in 2004 by Célia Caravela. 

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