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StreetLife Virtual Algarve Experience - find sponsors and raise money for StreetLife

StreetLife Virtual Algarve Experience - find sponsors and raise money for StreetLife“Travel” along the Algarve Coastal Route from Vila Real to Cape St Vincent 'Virtually'- 160 kilometers.
Christine Beckwith and Lisa Jones (two of the StreetLife Team) came up with the idea of a virtual swim of the English Channel last year. 

This year they have excelled themselves and come up with another brilliant idea to raise funds for StreetLife, as well as encourage a bit of activity in all age groups, all fitness levels and lift our spirits after months and months of lockdown. 

Join them on their StreetLife Virtual Algarve Experience and “travel” along the coast from Vila Real to Cape St Vincent. SEE MORE...

The StreetLife “travel” challenge is achievable for all ages and fitness levels, whether you’re taking part as a family, a group of friends or on your own … it doesn’t matter.  If you enter as a team, the total kilometers of your route is shared between your team members. 

The idea is to complete one of five routes between now and the end of September, you don’t have to complete the whole coastal route of 160km.  The routes range from 22km to 160km, you set your own challenge based on your fitness level.   It’s up to you.

The good news is you can split your “virtual” journey between walking, running, cycling and swimming - any combination.  Swim in your pool, cycle at the gym, use a treadmill or just enjoy these activities in the fresh air.

To make it fair, all activities are converted to the equivalent to you walking your chosen route.  StreetLife has a conversion table calculating how many kilometers you cover doing anyone of the “travel” activities (running, cycling, swimming and walking).  For a bit of fun, you will be given a map of your chosen route and as you “travel” you can mark where you are on your map and how much further you have to go.

Remember it’s a Virtual “travel” experience NOT an actual coastal walk, therefore you or your team members can be anywhere in the world to take part.

All entrants will be listed on the StreetLife “Page of Fame” on their website, with photos and your individual / team name to show you are taking part in the challenge. 

All individuals who complete the challenge will receive by email a Virtual Award and Certificate and will also be entered into a draw. The winner of the draw will receive a small prize - to be announced later.

StreetLife asks you to get sponsors to raise money for their Animal Sterilisation Programme - or you pay a donation to enter (minimum €10.00 per individual or €20.00 per team).

 Why “travel” for StreetLife?  With your help StreetLife can reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in the East Algarve.  Since StreetLife was launched in September 2017 they have sterilised 520 local dogs, all through the help of their supporters.  It is a real team effort, every singe one of their supporters is making a difference.

Have fun and raise much needed funds for StreetLife.  Sign up now for this challenge by sending an email to: challenge@streetlife.pt

Let’s start “walking”….

Go to www.streetlife.pt to find out more!

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