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APPA Pop-up shops - stock needed!

APPA Pop-up shops - stock needed!APPA Pop-up shops are still doing extremely well, so much so that they are constantly in need of fresh stock for them. The next two pop-ups will be themed ´Garden Gnomes, Golf & Anything Outdoors´ and `Gadgets & Gismos´.

If you have any items for the ´Garden Gnomes, Golf & Anything Outdoors´ pop-up, such as unwanted tools, garden or sports items, please call 919 041 903 or drop them (marked, pop-up shops) at one of the APAA charity shops.

For the `Gadgets & Gismos´ pop-up APAA are in need of  unwanted kitchen gadgets, electrical items, unwanted gifts, etc. Please either drop them (marked, pop-up shops) into one of the APAA charity shops, or call 919 041 903.

The APPA Charity Shops are located in Silves and Alvor. See locations here: https://www.apaaportugal.com/charityshops

Dates for the next Pop-Up Shops can be found on the Facebook Page HERE.


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