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Early Age Sterilisation in kittens and puppies

EARLY AGE STERILISATION IN KITTENS AND PUPPIESEarly age neutering of kittens and puppies is always a touchy subject, but in a country like Portugal where the problem is so overwhelmingly big, and the number of unwanted cats is huge, there truly is no other way than to sterilise early and prevent even more unwanted births! Population Management in a humane way!

We have been sterilising kittens and puppies as young as 8 weeks old since 2014, and quite successful, 99,9% of the kittens have survived and grown into fabulous adult cats.

It is always at the vets discretion to decide whether to operate or not, whether the animal is healthy enough. As some of the kittens coming in are very malnourished, and sick with cat flu etc. Of course these will not be operated on until they are well and healthy enough, SOS  is very active in animal welfare, and we have very high vetting standards.

Every Spring we cringe, when we see people asking for kittens on facebook.

Why do we cringe? Because we know how many (young) adult cats are spending their lives in shelters, in cages, waiting for that one family or person that will never come! So terribly sad...

Please people no more kittens!

There are way too many cats as it is... Sterilisation and early age sterilisation is the only way forward to reduce these huge numbers of unwanted animals.

For more information contact info@sosalgarveanimals.com, or visit www.sosalgarveanimals.com


If you would like to donate to SOS ALgarve Animals the information you need is:

Account Name: Animal Aid Associação Protetora Dos Animais
Account Holder Address: Almancil, Portugal 8100-352
Bank: Bankinter
Bank Address: N125, Almancil Portugal 8135
IBAN: PT50 0269 0188 0020 3518 6270 3
NIB: 0269 0188 00203518627 03
Account Number: 203518627

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