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Why We 'Ear Tip' Sterilised Cats

WHY WE 'EAR TIP' STERILISED CATSSterilise Our Strays, or SOS Algarve Animals, is a registered non-profit organisation whose purpose is the sterilisation of cats and dogs living on the street, or belonging to low income families who otherwise have no means to pay for this operation.

We cut the left ear tip of every cat we sterilise, also we tip the left ear of owned cats. Owned cats are not only microchipped but also ear tipped because we have had so many cats come in which turned out to be already sterilised, but we were only able to find out after the anastaesia, which is the biggest part of the cost for sterilisation.

For some people, a cat with a left ear tip cut is a feral cat, for us it is not at all. It is a sterilised cat we don´t have to worry about, we don´t have to catch, we don´t have to waste our limited resources on.

Also a cat with an owner, doesn´t mean the cat is friendly! Too many owned cats are semi-wild and don´t like to be handled by people they do not know. These days owned cats are supposed to be microchipped and registered, but a microchip often can only be read after they are under sedation.

If and when you ask us for help, your cats ear will be tipped, it is always done under anastaesia and it is a small cut, sometimes so small we have a hard time recognising it in our colonies.

For more information about our work, read about how we will sterilise over 300 cats in one week during our Spayathon.

If you, or someone you know would like our help, please contact us by EMAIL only please at sterilisation@sosalgarveanimals.com or visit www.sosalgarveanimals.com


We rely entirely on donations to continue our work. If you would like to donate to SOS Algarve Animals the information you need is:

Account Name: Animal Aid Associação Protetora Dos Animais
Account Holder Address: Almancil, Portugal 8100-352
Bank: Bankinter
Bank Address: N125, Almancil Portugal 8135
IBAN: PT50 0269 0188 0020 3518 6270 3
NIB: 0269 0188 00203518627 03
Account Number: 203518627

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