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Ukraine: Urgent appeal for donations to buy medical supplies

UKRAINE: URGENT APPEAL FOR DONATIONS TO BUY MEDICAL SUPPLIESThe people of Portugal have been extremely generous in their support of Ukraine by donating clothing and food through the many and various appeals that have been launched. 

In the photo: Dr Thomas Kaiser, Dr Andriy Krystopchuk, Dr Robin Thomson, AIRC President Volker Biebesheimer and Medical Centre staff. Currently, however, the most desperate need is for medical equipment for the hospitals which are not only treating civilians who have been injured by the bombings, some of whom are presenting with horrific injuries, but also the soldiers wounded in fighting, and the injuries they're seeing are also horrific. 
Hospitals are short of everything but are desperate for equipment needed to treat these patients; in particular equipment for serious chest, abdomen and upper and lower limbs with open fractures. Medical supplies are of course also needed to treat patients who were hospitalised before the war and are too ill to be discharged.

In the Algarve Ukrainian-born doctor, Andriy Krystopchuk works as an intensive care physician in Faro Hospital.  He is in close contact with Myskiv Andriy, the Director of a state association of several hospitals in Lviv, Ukraine who updates Andriy regularly with a detailed list shortages.

Now Dr Andriy has teamed up with Dr Thomas Kaiser and Robin Thomson from the Family Medical Centres at Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo.  Together with their staff and the Almancil International Rotary Club (AIRC) they are raising funds to purchase medical equipment that will be sent from the Algarve to Poland and on to Myskiv in Lviv for distribution to the hospital where they are most urgently needed.  Four pallets of medical supplies donated by local hospitals and supporters were sent last week and arrived safely at their destination on Saturday.  

"We are launching an urgent appeal for donations large or small to purchase medical equipment in Portugal so that we can support in any way we can the medical staff in the hospitals in Lviv" said AIRC President Volker Biebesheimer. A simple receipt will be available for anyone who wishes to have one or a receipt if required for tax purposes please email jws@slatter.org. For a tax receipt please include your name, the amount donated and your NIF number.

 "This is perhaps the most important appeal we as a Rotary Club have ever been involved with and I would personally be grateful to readers who donate". There will also be an opportunity to donate at the Family Medical Centres and various businesses in the Algarve.  

Donations can be sent to:  

Association AIRC Charity Fellowship
Bank Account: IBAN PT50001000005558114000116                      

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