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"Pink Ladies" golf event in Silves raises over €4000

"PINK LADIES" GOLF EVENT IN SILVES RAISES OVER €4000A group of 98 ladies dressed in pink, (allied colour to breast cancer prevention) held a golf game in Silves on September 1st, to raise money for the Associação Oncológia do Algarve (AOA).

The money raise will support the institution in its onclology projects in the Algarve region.

This event had the cooperation not only of some groups and firms such as Pestana, Prime Wine Loulé, Brasserie Rosal and Miss Designer Golf, but also of local and private companies.

Of note were the event organisers Wendy Emrich, Jill Edwards and Karen Huxtable, who went out of their way to raise €4170, to be used to ensure the sustainability of the Mobile Breast Cancer Screening Unit. This is a regional social action project that the Associação Oncológia do Algarve has been embracing for women aged between 50 and 69 years of age since 2005, in order to detect breast cancer early.

Such sensitivity and support from the Algarve community makes this institution stand firm in continuing with its goals of fighting cancer, and supporting cancer patients and their families, in the Algarve.

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