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Thank you to Tina McEvoy and Art for Dogs, for a donation of €615 to Streetlife

Tina McEvoy, an artist who creates Art to Help DogsTina McEvoy, an artist who creates Art to Help Dogs, held an Art Exhibition in the lovely reception area of the Octant Vila Monte Hotel on the 17th November.

THANK YOU TO TINA MCEVOY AND ART FOR DOGS, FOR A DONATION OF €615 TO STREETLIFEAs a result, donations were received for four of her paintings.

€615.00 was very kindly donated to StreetLife and will make an incredible difference to our local animal sterilisation programme.

Tina McEvoy has been involved in various exhibitions both in the UK and Madeira.   This is her website: www.tinamcevoy.de and her Facebook page is : Tina McEvoy, visual artist creating art to help dogs

All of her artwork is now for her project “Art to help dogs in need” - she wants to help reduce unnecessary suffering of unwanted puppies.

She doesn’t sell her artwork – she asks for a donation and then this goes to animal associations – StreetLife being one of them.

Tina is a very talented artist and her support to StreetLife is so very appreciated.   

StreetLife thanks Tina plus Octant Vila Monte Hotel for kindly hosting the Art Exhibition.

StreetLife is a non-profit association which supports low-income families with insufficient funds and helps animal shelters to sterilise their dogs, reducing the number of unwanted puppies & strays in the East Algarve.  StreetLife has currently authorised the sterilisation of 760+ local dogs.

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/StreetLifeAnimalSterilisationProgramme 

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