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Helping Estoi and Moncarapacho Casas do Povo at Christmas time

HELPING ESTOI AND MONCARAPACHO CASAS DO POVO AT CHRISTMAS TIMEOn the 14th of December, members of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) visited Estoi Casa do Povo to distribute presents to the children of families registered with the Faro Food Bank.

Also, this year RCEPI supplied the 44 families with some additional goodies to help celebrate Christmas.

During the year RCEPI provides additional milk to the monthly parcels with 3 additional litres per child and 1 per adult plus olive oil. In 14 years, the Rotary Club has provided well over 60,000 litres of milk to assist the Food Bank.

The children were delighted to receive their present and sweets.

On the 16th of December RCEPI arranged for additional food items to be supplied to Moncarapacho Casa do Povo - these Christmas goodies were to supplement the food parcels being distributed by the Faro Food Bank to the 66 families registered there.

For further information on RC Estoi Palace International and how you can join or help contact info@rotaryestoipalace.org, or see our website www.rotaryestoipalace.org.

Photo: left to right are RCEPI members, Raymond Parfait, Christine Fay and Stefan Holmberg.

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