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Thanks to all who supported the 'Christmas Shoeboxes for the elderly' campaign

THANKS TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THE 'CHRISTMAS SHOEBOXES FOR THE ELDERLY' CAMPAIGNThe Castelo de Sonhos (CdeS) family charity would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in their 18th Annual Shoebox Campaign for the elderly. This year over 250 boxes were distributed together with warm clothing and food parcels to the elderly within the Silves Council.

 18th Annual Shoebox Campaign for the elderlyThe charity even received boxes from as far away as Lagos and were pleased to learn that boxes were also delivered to poor elderly folk in that part of the Algarve.

CdeS would in particular like to thank the following clubs and individuals who helped make Christmas 2022 extra special for all the families registered with the charity:

Silves Rotary Club for boxes plus donations for Christmas food.
The Algarveans Theatre Group for boxes plus organising, at their Pantomime, a collection for the family Christmas food hampers.
Katherine Kuys and her friends who filled and also collected boxes in Central Algarve
A huge thank you to Nada and “The Moonlighters”- a very productive Portimão social group.
A special thanks to Sheena Rawcliffe and her “Algarve Crochet & Knitting Cabin” who have knitted & crocheted throughout the year warm clothing such as hats, mittens, scarves, socks and warm blankets etc. and even made special items to sell at the CdeS charity shop to sell to raise money for baby milk & food.
ICELAND in Albufeira donated a large number of boxes of chocolates for the family Christmas hampers and for the CdeS kids party.
The Masons of the “Lodge of Discoveries” also donated €500 which helped buy family Christmas food.
And last but not least to the Holiday Inn in Armacao de Pera, once again they offered to be the main collection & delivery point for the shoeboxes.

The efforts of everyone who filled boxes and the above individuals and clubs meant that once again the elderly living within Silves Council were not forgotten this festive season. THANK YOU to everyone involved.



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