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Art to help dogs in need, Art to help StreetLife … Monthly paintings by Tina McEvoy

Alma PortuguesaTina McEvoy is a local artist in the East Algarve who after many years of painting felt it was time to do something meaningful with her art.  So she decided to combine two things close to her art – being creative and helping dogs.

Alma PortuguesaTina’s innovative art project, “Art to help Dogs” is, like most great ideas, very simple.

If you want to own one of her pieces of art, Tina will ask you to make a donation to StreetLife and she will send you the painting as a gift.  100% of your donation will be used to help sterilise local dogs.  Tina’s colourful eye-catching abstract paintings are as beautiful as her project.

To find out more about Tina’s project go to: www.streetlife.pt/tina-mcevoy

Every month Tina McEvoy dedicates one of her paintings to raise a donation for StreetLife, our local Animal Sterilisation Programme in the East Algarve (www.streetlife.pt ).  StreetLife, helps families on low incomes to sterilise their dogs and they also support local Dog Shelters when they need help sterilising the strays they rescue. 

For the month of September, Tina has chosen a very affordable small painting from one of her four art collections, “Hints of Iberia” which has proved to be very popular.

This collection started when Tina wanted to replace a large painting in her house. She decided that it should be something simple and colourful, combining Portuguese tradition with a modern hint.

Tina used many layers of tile pattern stencils on the canvas and added some small crystal stones. During the process she fell in love with the result and has done quite a few more paintings in this genre. You can see all of the paintings currently available at her website at www.tinamcevoy.de/hints-of-iberia/

Alma Portuguesa“Alma Portuguesa” is a small canvas, ready to go on display on a furniture piece or a small wall. The turquoise and lime green colour fits well with the brown tones of any wood. In the very centre of the painting sits a small turquoise crystal. Click here for more details of the painting.

The edge of the canvas is painted black. There is no need for a frame but, of course two very nice framing options come to my mind: a floating frame, or to fit the canvas in a larger deep edge frame on a white background.  
Silver and pewter are other colours that would suit the painting well.

September 2023 Painting

Title: Alma Portuguesa

Dimensions: 29,5cm x 25cm

Medium: Mixed media on canvas

Donation amount to StreetLife: 45,00 Euros

If you are interested in one of Tina’s beautiful pieces of Art  -  please contact Tina directly: tinamcevoy16@gmail.com 






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