What a year for Streetlife… another milestone reached… 1000 sterilisations

WHAT A YEAR FOR STREETLIFE…ANOTHER MILESTONE REACHED…1000 STERILISATIONSAssociação StreetLife is a non-profit organization based in the East Algarve that helps families on low incomes get their dogs sterilised… they also support their local animal shelters sterilise the strays and the abandoned dogs they take care of before they are hopefully rehomed. 

StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme was launched just over 6 years ago.  This week they achieved their 1000th sterilisation.  Definitely cause for celebration.

StreetLife is only able to exist because of their supporters, without them they would not be able to continue their good work.  With no support from the government, they rely on donations and their fundraising events. 

Tina McEvoy, a very talented ArtistDuring the year many of their sponsors - Apolonia, Bamboo Restaurant, Barbacoa Restaurant, Cara Hairdressing & Beauty, Casa Nova Décor, Fuiza Wines, Home Sesil , Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, Monterosa Olive Oil, Octant Vila Monte Hotel, Philippe Stabile Hairdressing, Prime Wine, Real Marina Hotel, Restaurante Antonio, Russell & Decoz Real Estate, The Beauty Lounge, Tribulum Restaurant, have all helped by giving donations or gifts which are used to raise funds for their sterilisation programme.

StreetLife has eleven Partner Vets across the East Algarve that support their work… everything is achieved by teamwork.  Over the past 6 years StreetLife has spent over €125,000 on sterilisations.  All from donations.

At the time of writing, in 2023 StreetLife has authorized 276 dogs, which is 30% up on last year.  Applications arrive daily, and every one is assessed individually to ensure they are genuine requests from low income families and not someone who is trying to take advantage of the programme. 

StreetLife has “StreetEyes” (their eyes on the streets) who help them find families who need financial support; they also carry out regular home visits to ensure the dogs are being properly looked after at the same time helping families understand why sterilisation is so important.  It is never ending. 

More StreetEyes (preferably Portuguese speaking) are aways needed across the East Algarve because without more help the sterilisation programme will be limited due to lack of resources. 

This year some fabulous Fundraising Events have taken place.  A Fizz & Fashion Event in May was a total hit with the ladies… A superb Dine & Party Night at Restaurant Antonio in September to celebrate StreetLife’s 6th anniversary had 80+ guests dancing the night away. 

A Wine Tasting Dinner at Octant Vila Monte in November, where Fiuza donated all of the wine for the event… the wine went down very well with the 100 guests!  Tina McEvoy, a very talented Artist, has a project “Art to help dogs” she doesn’t sell her artwork… she gifts her work for a donation to StreetLife. Find out more at https://tinamcevoy.de/

Christmas Coffee & Cake MorningThe last event of the year was a Christmas Coffee & Cake Morning.  Twice a year, StreetLife invites many of their supporters as their guests for a coffee… and maybe a glass of wine as it hits midday!   The coffee morning is personally sponsored by the StreetLife President, Graeme Cree, it does not come out of StreetLife funds. It’s a way of him saying thank you to their supporters.  Cakes are donated and the mornings always have a wonderful atmosphere, like one big family getting together. 

The recent coffee morning was an even bigger celebration than usual because the 1000th sterilisation had just been posted on their Facebook page, a beautiful dog called Lady… her success story can be found on the StreetLife Website (www.streetlife.pt) or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StreetLifeAnimalSterilisationProgramme

Over 70 supporters attended the coffee morning, the anticipation that 1000 sterilisations had been reached was incredible and needless to say an almighty cheer went up as the announcement was made.  Well done StreetLife and an BIG thank you to all of their supporters.

StreetLife is now heading towards its next milestone, there are already 25 new / outstanding applications in the system.  2024 will be another challenging year; more and more people are asking for help in other geographical areas.  StreetLife understands everyone is desperate for help, but sadly they simply do not have the resources to do any more than they are currently doing in the East Algarve. 

To find out more about StreetLife and how you can support them go to www.streetlife.pt or email info@streetlife.pt.





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