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All-American On The West Coast!

Brian Jutsum, aka DJ Rockindad Yeee—Haw! Residents in the West Coast community of Vale da Telha saddled up last Sunday for an All-American experience that raised €761 for the Madrugada Charity.

The ladies line dancingThem good old boys (and girls) were drinking whiskey and rye—not to mention beer, wine vodka, gin etc—and downing hot dogs, popcorn and grandma’s apple pie whilst dancing and singing along to classic American hits from the past 60 years; rock ‘n’ roll, soul, rock, country, swing etc.

Two of the locals, Cath Baker and Faith Quinton, also led everyone in a spot of Line Dancing to help create a genuine All-American atmosphere.

Vale da Telha resident Brian Jutsum (aka DJ Rockindad) decided to turn his 60th birthday bash into a charity function, explaining: “The Madrugada Charity has been particularly good to Vale da Telha residents in recent years and I thought let’s do something for them. After all, more of us might one day find ourselves in need of their services. So, all the proceeds from this American music-themed night are being donated to Madrugada. It just seemed a perfect balance for everyone to have had such a great night with such a worthwhile charity getting the benefit once it’s over. Luckily, a lot of people here agreed with me and we raised €761 on the night with, hopefully, more to come from donations.

Brian played 60 years of classic American music to mark, as he says “my being on this Planet for 60 years, and loving this kind of music so much.

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