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Dear Abandoner.....

Is he yours?Is the dog in the photo yours? He was following cars… cars with loud sounding engines. But he was still waiting for you, and would not let us catch him. But then he went racing after a big man… we thought for a while it was maybe you… but the man got in his car and left…

So we just thought you should know....your dog is NOT ok. For a while he hoped and he waited for you, but now he has given up and his heart has broken.

You are not the beloved owner your animal is searching for; you are an irresponsible piece of work, whatever the reason of abandonment! Your animal should have been with you for life… and during his life he was your responsibility.

We are not able to save your animal. We are tired of having to pick up the pieces, we are tired of the suffering, of seeing them lost, confused, hungry, alone, scared …all just because you could not be bothered.

In the past two weeks we have seen over 25 dogs running the streets in desperate search of their beloved owners! Beloved owners?? Poor dogs…
Just cannot believe one would get rid of their animals in the first place in this way, whatever the reason. These are not dogs who have been used to life on the street… they are all lost and newly abandoned.

Yes, we know the government does not care. We know there are no properly run governmental shelters, instead there are private shelters and charities trying their best to pick up the pieces of your irresponsibilities. But because there are so many people just like you, they are all full! And the government Camara Canils are mostly awful places, often with euthanasia after 8 days. Would you like to see your once loved family pet euthanized by strangers, not knowing where he was? With no care, no love, no kindness?

So if the local privately run shelters and facilities are full, which they all pretty much are, what do you do? Have you ever been to these shelters, to ensure your dog would have a decent quality of life? Have you had the guts to look all these abandoned animals in their eyes… and did you really think any of them were “ok”?

Euthanasia is always a painful topic, BUT…. realize that leaving your beloved animals behind on a road, is also a death sentence, and much more painful by the way.

And just keep hoping that no other cars or people are involved, injured or killed in an accident you caused. Abandoned animals will not automatically go up to strangers after you have thrown them out. Some might, many will not. But they will all keep thinking you are coming back. And many will even see a person they think looks like you… and his heart will soar and he will go racing after “you”… only to again have his heart broken. Dejected, alone, hungry and oh so very scared. That is how your animal feels.
And if your abandoned animal has not been neutered, you have just added to another problem: reproducing, thus more dogs being born in the not so distant future!

Do you honestly think he has no feelings? Do you honestly think he will be “ok”. Look around you!

All just because you could not be bothered to keep your animal for life or live up to the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Have you asked any charity for help or advice? You may not have liked what they said, but do you realize that advice is the truth? That they are probably more concerned than you about YOUR animal.

Accept your responsibility; find it a home yourself either here or abroad, take it with you and rehome it in your new location and if all that fails, put it to sleep yourselves. Portugal is NOT a nice country for an animal!

Do not tie animals to somebody else’s gate in the middle of the night!
Do not throw animals over a wall in a rescue centre, shelter or sanctuary, the animal will very likely end up in a group of dogs, which will savage and kill the animal!
Do not throw your dogs out on the streets of the Algarve!

During the last 2 weeks of October we ourselves have either seen or encountered more than 30 newly abandoned dogs!

1. Abandoned in Almancil large male
2. 3 puppies on the road between Vale d’Eguas and quartro Estradas,
3. Three males abandoned on roundabout towards Quarteira
4. 3 dogs on EN 125 on the way to Boliqueme, plus one more scavanging
5. 3 dogs abandoned in Loule, next to the road
6. 1 male podengo near garbage containers outside Boliqueime
7. 1 small female near garbage containers on Vale Formosa road in Almancil
8. 1 medium sized male near garbage containers on Vale Formosa road in Almancil
9. 1 Little male dog begging for food at Vene Pao, Almancil
10. 1 Male Pointer outside Post office in Almancil
11. 1 Large male outside Ca@sa bar, Almancil
12. 3 dogs tied up outside on a gate in Almancil
13. 1 Sick older male outside Mariana’s on road to Quarteira
14. 1 Scruffy podengo female
15. 1 Male dog in Vale Formosa on dirt track
16. 1 Chihuahua mix and Poodle in Albufeira
17. 1 extremely emaciated black small male in Estoi
18. 3 six week old kittens on the horse fairground in Estoi
19. 3 scruffy dogs on the Avenida in Loule
20. 2 Male dogs on the main road between Aldi and Apolonia in Almancil

Some statistics: five dogs and three puppies from the above list we were able to help, 2 were microchipped! Unfortunately, only one was registered… and to her previous owner, who declared her deceased in 2012! This is exactly where veterinary clinics have a major responsibility, in not only microchipping the animal, but in actually REGISTERING it too! We were unable to help the other 25 plus.

And don’t think it is only the Portuguese who do this, the expat community has a major share in the abandonment too… Shame on those who do this, those who have no sense of responsibility!

Yours truly,

Ginie and Laura
Concerned rescue workers of SOS Algarve Animals

W: www.sosalgarveanimals.com

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