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Excitement, laughter and fun at the Pinetrees fundraiser

RDA Algarve Association was held at the Pinetrees Riding CentreOn the 17th of August, a fundraiser for RDA Algarve Association was held at the Pinetrees Riding Centre, Almancil. 

The riders had a lot of fun participating in Fancy Dress, Riding Classes and Clear Round Jumping sponsored by Blevins&Franks.

Local businesses supported the event such as travelling tack shop Cavalgar supplying horse goodies, Velvet Tangle (Almancil curtain and soft furnishings) offered a cushion as one of the prizes and Algoz artist Luísa Maria with an exposition of her artwork helped enrich the day with their participation.

Riders, spectators and volunteers alike, all quenched their thirst and their hungry appetites with Dadinhas’ catering by Glamour Eventos.

Alice with Boneco“Fancy Dress” kicked off yesterday’s show where imagination was flowing with the different costumes designed by the riders, such as Angel and Devil, Red Riding Hood, Bee on a flower, among other very good costumes.
Local artist Luísa Maria chose red riding hood- Jaz Blohm with “Bonaparte” in the role of the grandmother with creative spectacles- as the winner. Jaz won a rosette supplied by our sponsor Blevins&Franks and a dinner for two at Casa Pituxa, Almancil.

In class 2- On Lead Rein- Imogen Yeo, from the U.K won first place; class 3- Off Lead Rein- was won by Lia Glohbach from Germany, ; class 4- Walk, Trot and Canter- from the United Kingdom, Alice Holland came in first place; class 5- Advanced Riders- was won by local Russian rider Valerie Tsar.

Moments later the jumping rounds began. Funny moments arose in this category as “Alinta” snatched with her teeth a decorative plant and jump the course as if she was a “Spaniard with a rose”, also “Charlie” the pony, grew wings of flight as he carried Lia, the rider, and also our Leader Christian over the jump with over excitement.

It was a day filled of excitement, laughter and fun, enjoyed by both the participants involved, and the spectators who supported the cause. All in all, 338€ was raised to help the RDA Algarve Association. 

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