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Portugal's Biggest Coffee Morning set to get bigger

Portugal's Biggest Coffee Morning set to get biggerPortugal's Biggest Coffee Morning got off to a good start, and next year we want to get the entire Algarve community behind the event with hundreds of coffee mornings taking place throughout the region.

This year the Hilton event raised €1292.36 plus a generous donation of €500.

Portugal's Biggest Coffee Morning set to get biggerOur Madrugada Centre event raised €305, not a bad result for coffee and home-made cakes.

Jane Oliphant's team raised a magnificent €1550 for Madrugada and a further €1550 for Macmillan.

That makes a final total of €3647.36 which equates to just over 180 end of life specialist nursing hours.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, your contribution will help us to make a difference.

Lots of great photographs available from http://www.birchphotography.com/clients/madrugada/

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