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Iceland works with ACCA

Iceland collect for ACCAThe Iceland store in Guia wanted to support children’s charity ACCA at this busy time of the year, and staged a food collection drive for the week running up to 20 December. The result? Two huge boxes of essentials were gathered together by Iceland customers along with donations that topped the €100 mark and gifts for kiddies.

Wanda Crawford, left, with Iceland helper and just a part of the goods collected for the poor.ACCA president Wanda Crawford, was delighted with the response to the appeal: “The community here on the Algarve never fails to amaze me,” she said. “The generosity shown, especially at a time when there are so many calls for help, is wonderful.

The foodstuffs and presents have now been taken to Akredita, the Quarteira-based organisation, for distribution amongst poverty-stricken families.

Iceland works with ACCA























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