Portimão charity shop to close

Madrugada Portimão to closeReluctantly the Madrugada management team has decided to close its Portimão charity shop. Research before its opening in March 2011 indicated that the location right in the centre of town on Rua Direita near the theatre was a good position. Since then, however, things have radically changed.

One only has to walk through this area of Portimão to see how hard hit independent retailers have been by the town’s new shopping centres, Chinese stores and of course the general recession. Also despite raising money for a good cause, all sales of goods donated by the public are subject to 23% IVA in Portugal.

Madrugada President Alison Blair explains the soul searching and reasoning behind the closure: ‘Unfortunately right at the start the Portimão shop only ran on a break even basis, but we took the long view hoping things would improve. Now following recommendations from our fiscal and management boards we really have no choice.

‘We must not lose sight of Madrugada’s main objective which is to help people live out the final days of their lives in the manner and place of their choice. Charity shops are just one of many ways of raising money to achieve this aim.

‘On behalf of Madrugada I would like to take this opportunity of thanking Christine and Mike Browning, and their team of volunteers for their heroic efforts in setting up and running the Portimão shop and wish them well for the future.’

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