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Portuguese project on shortlist for EC 'renewable energy innovation' award

pvA project submitted from Portugal is among the finalists in a renewable energy competition run by the European Commission.

Online polling ends on June 5th for the EC’s European Prize for Energy and among the nine finalists chosen is a Portuguese project ‘RESocial Innovation.’

The European Energy Awards recognise innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy and is part of the European Commission’s programme for Sustainable Energy Week.

The Portuguese RESocial Innovation project, developed by Coopérnico - Cooperative Renováveis- Energy, promotes the production of energy in social welfare institutions by photovoltaic solar panels.

After being selected for the shortlist, it is time for the public to vote online at http://eusew.eu/awards-public-vote  to determine the winners which will be announced on June 14th.

In addition to voting for the energy prize-winner, citizens and organizations are invited to participate in Sustainable Energy Week in June, details of which are at www.eusew.eu

There also is a conference from 13th to 17th of June in Brussels that will bring together public authorities, energy-related bodies, researchers, non-governmental organisations, businesses and consumers to share good practice and good ideas on safe, clean and efficient energy.

The reform and reorganisation of Europe’s energy policy is one of Commission leader Jean-Claude Juncker’s mandate priorities yet his acceptance of the Portuguese government's un-green committment to turn the country into an oil and gas production zone begs questions as to the powers of the European Commission when faced with anything more complicated than a tri-lingual lunch menu.

According to Juncker, "we must strengthen the share of renewable energy in our continent and conduct a responsible policy to combat climate change making the EU the world leader in renewable energy,” with Portugal ideally positioned to lead the way but instead watching almost helplessly while its government pushes for an oil-based economy having signed away potential royalty revenue streams in a series of highly suspicious one-sided contracts. 

Anti-hydrocarbon pressure groups have been active in the Algarve region and aim, along with the region's mayors and business associations, to challenge in court the oil and gas exploration and production licences awarded with no regard for the public good, both financial and environmental.

The European Commission's lack of involvement in reviewing and questioning Portugal's oil concession contracts is at odds with its stated aim to turn the continent into a paradise of renewable energy production.

There is a video presentation of the RESocial Innovation project at:



+1 #2 Poor Portugésa 2016-06-05 12:19
Never forget that Lisboans and Oportans dislike Algarveans, which is why our Ed is always trying to re-focus their lack of interest and stimulate the carrying out of sensible promises. Ask Maria João Neves!
+4 #1 Simon 2016-05-31 11:30
If you have not already changed supplier from EDP to Coopernico please look into it. Its madness that the Oil & Gas industry is treating Portugal as a Toxic waste dump when the nation could be at the front of new clean technology providing jobs for school leavers and pride for a clean country and protected nature.