Appreciating English Literature - April 5th

Appreciating English Literature - April 5thScared of Shakespeare? Puzzled by Poetry ? After completing a varied and much discussed 2017, the 2018 programme for our successful Literature group, run by David Roberts, is taking shape. Starting on Thursday 5th April, in the Village Hall at Monte da Palhagueira, 1700-1900.
We will be starting with Shakespeare's TEMPEST for five weeks and then The Shadow Line by Joseph Conrad for a further five weeks. Cost for each five week block are €40.00

Come along, you may surprise yourself with something you did not expect.

For more information contact David Roberts at or Jill Ricketts at the Village on

About David Roberts 

David Roberts comes with 25 experience lecturing to University students in Liverpool. His delivery is both exciting and exhilarating. His dynamic revelations both shock and amaze. Characters come to life through his insightful revelation and many new facets come to light. These throw a new illumination onto the whole story and the outcome of each work he touches. David encourages active discussion among participants and throughout he explores possibilities that you may not have considered - adding a level of intrigue into each work of literature. This alone would make David’s Thursday afternoons compelling!

However there is more…The Literature Exploration is held in an ideal environment, both Summer and Winter. In Summer, they are held al-fresco, in the romantic garden by the pool. In winter everyone snuggles around a
roaring fire. Whether it is a summer beach read, or a winter tale around the hearth, it’s an experience best shared.

So come along and join David in his unravelling of the mysteries embedded in English Literature.

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