The Out -(In)Verno Festival - throughout the low season

The Out-(In)Verno Festival - Nov 1,2 & 3The Out-(In)Verno Festival focuses on globalism seen through the lens of the Algarve region, offering projects addressing our identity, directed at anyone and everyone, with the goal of offering a great cultural dip into the history of the Algarve, and the whole of Portugal. The initial premise that founded this festival was the goal of offering projects and events showing the bond between Art, Science, and Heritage.

These elements have opposite dynamics but are permanently woven together, and it is through this idea that the project and its events were created and are planned, allowing for insight and discussions, open to interpretation not only empirical but also poetic.

The program includes Concerts, Walks, Astronomy, Street Animation, Exhibitions and Workshops. Events take on the mystery between opposites: from what we see way out there in the far-off world to the effect that has on lives at home. And in the middle are people, our routines, the needs and comforts that come from our pasts, to the discomforts of finding our way in the future - the unknown that often sets the rhythm for our constant interpretation and adaptation of our present lives. 

​Thus the OUT- (IN) VERNO Festival aims to put into perspective landscapes that reveal a huge charm from various angles and that deserve to be shared with those who visit us. The eclectic program proposed was designed to explore the material and intangible heritage of São Marcos da Serra and to invite you to celebrate the past and present of the local population.

Festival Out-(In)Verno will have 3 moments during Algarve’s low season:

São Marcos da Serra | 1,2 e 3 de Nov’19 | Outono (Autumn)

Vila do Bispo |28,29 Fev e 1 de Mar’20 | Inverno (Winter)

Lagoa | 8,9 e 10 de Mai’20 | Verno (Spring)

​The OUT- (IN) VERNO Festival is a Céus do Sul and Questão Repetida -Associação Cultural production. Project funded by 365 Algarve/Turismo de Portugal.

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