Ocean Film Tour Portimão and Faro - October 2021

OCEAN FILM TOUR PORTIMÃO AND FARO - OCTOBER 2021The International Ocean Film Tour comes back to Portugal for the third year, with the first nationwide tour from October to November 2021, with a screening in Portimão on the October 27th and Faro on the October 29th. 

International OCEAN FILM TOUR brings the beauty and fascination of the oceans to the big screen. The ultimate film event for all who love the sea with the best ocean adventures, waters sports action and environmental documentaries on board. The film programme has a total length of 120 minutes. Including the supporting programme with the host’s presentation and sweepstakes, one event has a total duration of around 2.5 to 3 hours.

Screening from North to South the BEST OF OCEAN Collection will include 4 of the best films from the last 7 years and each event will include a supporting programme with hosts, guest speakers and prize giveaways.

Enjoy unforgettable moments like a one-off thriller on high seas as Sea Shepherd’s Bob Barker hunts down illegal poachers in the Antarctic (CHASING THE THUNDER) and a Mexican amateur crew giving the sailing elite a run for their money in the world’s first round-the-world sailing race (THE WEEKEND SAILOR). Once a rookie amongst his peers, Kai Lenny has evolved into one of the most versatile surfers (PARADIGM LOST) and SONIC SEA explains an invisible force threatening life under the waves: Sound pollution.

Just like our protagonists, we will share our love for the seven seas with you and we are committed to protect what we love. That’s why we support NGOs for ocean conservation and seek to inspire you to get involved yourself.

The International Ocean Film Tour is produced by Moving Adventures Medien and presented in Portugal by Adventure Entertainment. The tour has partnered with the British Embassy Lisbon to highlight the United Kingdom’s organisation of COP26 in Glasgow 2021.
The tour has been co-financed by Programa Garantir Cultura, one of the initiatives happening with the support granted by Compete 2020 Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

For program, trailer, tickets and more information www.oceanfilmtour.pt

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