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100% Algarve movie premieres in the Algarve - Nov 27th

100% ALGARVE MOVIE PREMIERES IN THE ALGARVE - NOV 27THReserve your place to see the World Premiere showing of award winning Algarve film LOCKED LOVE, a new movie 100% produced in Sagres last winter, with local crew and talents based in Algarve.

Filmed in the beautiful and usually sunny village of Sagres in Western Algarve, Portugal, the film is set in the luxurious Martinhal Resort, as well in other establishments of Sagres, like the Pousada, the Pontalaia apartments, the Cabo São Vicente lighthouse and the Armazém restaurant. A tourist, Michelle, discover that her boyfriend was unable to reach her because his flight was cancelled due to the lockdown and she has to spend her holiday alone, but the destiny will start to play with her future in an unexpected way.

Among the cast, we see Vianca Meyer, a South African based in Algarve and for the first time on screen and Marcus Andre who is known in Portugal in TV series like “Na Corda Bamba”.

The incorporation of each character’s demeanour is what makes this film unique bringing a lively and interesting love story that spirals out of control.

Lou Di Giorgio,  producer of “El Clan” from the Spanish film director Jaime Falero) the co-producer with Telmo Antunes and director of LOCKED LOVE says, “I wrote the script thinking on how people can have a relationship in the time of the Covid-19, especially during lockdowns. I wanted to bring in the movie the full spectrum of emotions from passion to friendship, from missing freedom to the sadness of a tragic moment we are all experiencing nowadays.

Film Algarve and Antigravity Portugal agree LOCKED LOVE is a tantalizing story that lures you in. The characters bring in a unique perspective of love, drama, romance, infatuation and sorrow. Producer and director Lou Di Giorgio envisioned the film to set place in this hidden gem of Europe. Algarve, Portugal came to his mind with its beautiful beaches, romantic scenery, sunshine weather, beautiful array of colors; it’s perfect for honeymooners and tourists who want to explore breath-taking destinations, hence perfect for LOCKED LOVE’s expectations.

The award winning movie will be premiered to the public in the Algarve for the 1st time at the Centro Cultural of Vila Do Bispo on the 27th of November at 20:00, also online via a streaming event.

To register for the Algarve show, or online stream, please visit www.LockedLoveMovie.com/Premiere


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