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World Trailer Awards 2022 coming to Tivoli Marina, Vilamoura - Feb 26th

WORLD TRAILER AWARDS 2022 COMING TO TIVOLI MARINA, VILAMOURA - FEB 26THThis Global Award Show will be hosted by Algarve based Spy Manor Productions on 26th February 2022, at Tivoli Marina, Vilamoura. Red Carpet Arrivals are at 14.30 and the Awards Ceremony commences at 15.00.

This inaugural event comes from the prestigious Golden Trailer Awards which recently marked its 21st year, together with AcclaimWorks, a globally recognised leader in awards management services including the Effie Marketing

The World Trailer Awards will celebrate the world’s best marketing executions across multiple genres for Cinema, TV (Broadcast & Cable), Gaming, Podcast & Radio, Streaming Services and Social Media.

Categories include Best Trailer, Best Audio Trailer, Best Poster, Best Motion Poster, Best Experiential Marketing and Best Online Advertising, to name a few.

It will shine a spotlight on the trailers and their creative marketing concepts, that bring entertainment products to life, deliver audiences, and drive revenues for the entertainment industry.

The worldwide winners will be announced on 26th February 2022 at Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, followed by a virtual broadcast on 27th February on Deadline.com
This high profile international event will be attended by globally recognised entertainment industry guests, with a goal to put the Algarve on the map as a versatile, accessible and welcoming filming location.

The confirmed judges are;

Marco According Rickards of Vigamus

Oliver Meneses of Showbeast

Luis Miguel Messianu of Alma

Emma Ruth Garciapena of SMG Serrano Marketing Group

Carey Fitzgerald of Silver Mountain Productions

Adam Rainford, Senior Editor & Screenwriter

Jill Rosenberg of Idea Central

Alejandro Giorlando of FrameZero

Michael Lim of Singapore Film Society

Nicolas Lazarus of Content Creator Studios

Victor Parra of Kinetoscopia Films

Steven Luchel, Film Director

Patricia Vergara of Solo en Cines

Irungu Ochieng’ of Damaris

Kelly Warnell of The Stunt Alliance

Micaela Romanini of Vigamus

For further information, please contact:
Tim Cole, World Trailer Awards – tim@worldtrailerawards.net
Vanda Everke, Spy Manor - vanda@spymanor.com
Peter Ogunsalu, Spy Manor - peter@spymanor.com

For more details, visit www.worldtrailerawards.net


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