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Its Panto time - Oh yes it is!

TS PANTO TIME - OH YES IT IS!Its Panto Time – Oh yes it is! The Algarveans next production will be Jack & The Beanstalk – a seasonal pantomime. Come and join us for our WORKSHOP & AUDITIONS.

Workshop – Tuesday 30th August 2022
Auditions – Thursday 1st September 2022
Open to all members 10 and over !
TIME: 7:30 PM
WHERE: “The Little Theatre”, União Juventude Sesmarias, R. do Cabeço de Pias, Carvoeiro.

Jack & The Beanstalk

Directors : Tracey Christiansen, Angela Theobold & Frank Remiatte, vocal coach – Shirley Devin,
Choreographer:  Shelley Dance
To be performed at Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, November 24,25,26, at 7.45pm Sunday 27th Matinee.

Characters in order of appearance: Sex Age
Giant (taped voice) -  Male Any
Fairy Francesca - Female Any
Wicked Wilma-  Female Any
Clueless Simon/Cathy - M or F Youthful
Jack Trott - Male Youthful
Dame Tessa Trott - Male Any
Baron Stonybroke -  Male Any
Pippa Perky - Female Youthful
Ermintrude the Cow (x2 people) - M or F Any
Villagers x 4 Fred the Loaf, Lovely Lucy, Curly Chris, Paul
Children x 2


Rehearsals will begin on Tuesday 6th September and each Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the little theatre. With some Sunday rehearsals.

If you would like to be involved, even if you are not able to make the audition but would like to be involved either on or off stage, please contact us on algarveansinfo@gmail.com, or call +44 7816 226069.

This will be a fun production and we would love as many as possible to be involved!


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