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New artist at Adérita Artistic Space Gallery - Alex Kuznetsov

NEW ARTIST AT ADÉRITA ARTISTIC SPACE GALLERY - ALEX KUZNESTOVAdérita Artistic Space Gallery is honoured to welcome the international artist Alex Kuznetsov, currently exhibiting his work.

The Minsk, Belarus born artist, now based in Lisbon, collaborates with organizations such as Vogue, Adidas, AD Magazine, Absolut, Tumi, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and his artworks have been shown and collected all over the world.

Following a lifelong passion for art, Alex Kuznetsov became a renowned figure in the graffiti world after discovering spray painting in 1997. His abstract work displays his fascination for colour, especially bold hues.

Applying acrylics with giant aluminum rulers, the artist is conscious of his movements: a mechanical gesture, a power of pressure becomes aggravated with meaning. The artworks originate from a meditative flux, a complete presence, a balance between process and result, control and eventuality.

Website: https://artisticspace.pt/

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