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Premiere of a short film, filmed in Loulé - Dec 24th

Premiere of a short film, filmed in Loulé - Dec 24th.Director Lou Di Giorgio has announced the Premiere of his new short film titled "A Christmas Gift", to be shown on Christmas Eve at 8pm, on the FILM AIM channel and on Lou's official website.

This exciting short film tells a moving and visually stunning Christmas story that has been acclaimed at film festivals around the world. Lou Di Giorgio has once again demonstrated his ability to bring to the screen a deep and emotional story that resonates with audiences of all ages thanks to the collaboration with the young Tenerife screenwriter Ainhoa Suarez Borges. CLICK HERE to see the trailer.

The director is not only excited to share this masterpiece with his audience, but also has ambitious plans for his next project: an exciting feature film that promises to be a unique cinematic experience. Lou Di Giorgio is actively looking for a production company in Spain for the co-production and distribution of this future feature film titled "Desperate Widow."

"My vision for this next project is truly exciting," said Lou Di Giorgio. "I am committed to creating a film that not only entertains, but also makes the audience reflect and makes Andalusia known to the world. To achieve this, I am looking for a co-producer in Spain who share this vision and are willing to join me in this exciting cinematographic adventure.

For more information about the premiere of the short film “A Christmas Gift”, and to stay up to date with news and updates on director Lou Di Giorgio's upcoming feature film, visit his official website at loudigiorgio.com

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