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One-day self-defense workshop - Dec 8th

ONE-DAY SELF-DEFENSE WORKSHOP - DEC 8THForsman Self Defense are hosting an event in collaboration with Pinetrees Riding Center on December 8th. We are hosting a one-day workshop on self-defense which is meant to teach people how to handle real-life situations.

This workshop is not related to martial arts or Krav Maga. Instead, it focuses on teaching individuals how to be aware of their surroundings and avoid uncomfortable situations in day-to-day life. For example, it will teach you how to say no to a persisting inebriated stranger without worrying about provoking an unpleasant reaction on their part, or to stay safe at a bus or metro station while waiting for transportation to arrive, or how to react in case of a home invasion.
This workshop is also great for young kids as it teaches them how to deal with bullies in school or on the playground.

The instructor for this workshop is Stefan Forsman, a former Swedish Army Ranger, UN peacekeeper, hand-to-hand combat instructor, and arctic survival specialist. He is a friend of mine who recently moved to Portugal, loves our beautiful Algarve, and also cares deeply about helping people and improving their safety.

Founder and CEO of Forsman Self Defense, which is a no-nonsense training program that focuses on self-protection in dangerous, real-world situations. It is not connected with sports or martial arts. Instead, it is a comprehensive educational approach that prepares civilians and professionals to be more confident in diffusing life-threatening situations. If a worst-case scenario should unfold, participants will be trained and ready to use highly effective techniques that provide the best opportunity to emerge safely. The training also emphasizes personal development, conflict avoidance, self-protection, surrounding awareness, and bullying avoidance.

To book your place, please call or WhatsApp +351 920 220 166.

Venue: Pine Trees Riding Centre, Corgo da Zorra, Almancil 8135-160

If you would like to learn more about Stefan Forsman and Forsman Self-Defense, you can visit the website at www.forsmanselfdefense.com, or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/forsmanselfdefense.

One-day self-defense workshop - Dec 8th

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